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02/2017Frank, Markus & Opfermann, Andreas: eDiAna. Digital Philological-Etymological Dicationary of the Minor Ancient Anatolian Corpus Languages. Current Research on Lycian. Munich.DE
06/2016Frank, Markus & Opfermann, Andreas: Digitales etymologisch-philologisches Wörterbuch der altanatolischen Kleinkorpussprachen. LIPP Almkolloquium. Schliersee.DE
04/2015Frank, Markus: Digitale Texttechnologie. Die Technik des Digitalen altanatolischen Lexikons. München.DE

eDiAna Associated Institutions, Co-operating Projects and Partners

IT-Group for the Humanities (LMU)
Hethitologie Portal Mainz: HPM
Annotated Corpus of Luwian Texts, Project of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Principal Investigator: Dr. habil. Ilya Yakubovich
Das Corpus der hethitischen Festrituale: staatliche Verwaltung des Kulturwesens im spätbronzezeitlichen Anatolien; Project of the Mainz Academy of Sciences and Literature. Principal Investigators: Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Rieken and Prof. Dr. Daniel Schwemer.
Luwili: Luwian Religious Discourse between Anatolia and Syria;Project of the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (France) and Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (Germany). Principal Investigators: Dr. habil. Alice Mouton and Dr. habil Ilya Yakubovich.